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Choosing the right recreation program for Gymnastics and Tumbling Classes is important

GO ME gymnastics academy makes it simple.  GO ME Gymnastics believes that every child can benefit from gymnastics and tumbling classes. Children who participate in gymnastics and tumbling classes run faster, jump higher, have better agility, confidence and consistently place higher in academic and physical fitness tests.

GO ME offers gymnastics and tumbling classes that are progressive & as easy to succeed as putting one foot in front of the other allowing each child to develop at their own pace and feel good about their progress.

Our SMALL GYM offers an intimate non-intimidating classroom style environment that promotes learning.

Our SMALL CLASSES allow each child to receive the personal GOLD MEDAL attention they deserve.

Our SMALL PRICES make it possible for everyone to benefit from doing gymnastics.

IT’s SO SIMPLE – Register Online & Pick your FREE TRIAL class and get started seeing the benefits of gymnastics and tumbling classes today


GO ME Gymnastics Academy is the OFFICIAL recreation program offered by GOLD MEDAL GYMNASTICS, Inc.

Classes are typically offered once per week in 4 week sessions.


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Advanced Beginning

Advanced Beginner Classes Gymnastics for advanced beginner & intermediate students ages 6 & up. Advanced Beginner / intermediate are 1 1/2 hours long. These classes offer students the opportunity to experience Progressive Gymnastics levels 1, 2 and 3.  The focus is on use of the equipment with proper techniques that will make learning fun and safe. We teach skills and routines on the Olympic …

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Tumbling Classes for cheer and gymnastics Tumbling classes for beginner – advanced students.  These Tumbling classes will work on building the skills to learn back and front walkovers, cartwheels and round offs, round off back handsprings and back tucks-layouts.  Limit of 6 students per class gives each child the personal attention they deserve to strengthen …

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Preschool gymnastics 2-3

preschool gymnastics classes are for ages 2-3 yrs Our Preschool gymnastics classes for 2-3 years  old are 30 min.. Classes are full of jumping, sliding, swinging, bouncing and walking on the balance beams (even the high ones). We practice sitting with our friends, taking turns, and following patterns. We have fun warming-up with the parachute …

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PreProgressive 3-5

PreProgressive gymnastics Classes classes for beginner students ages 3-5 yrs PreProgressive Gymnastics Classes are for entry level through beginner students ages 3-5 yrs. Our 45 minute Classes focus on use of the equipment with proper techniques that will make learning preprogressive gymnastics fun, safe and easy. We use the Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beams, Floor Exercise and …

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Beginning Gymnastics

Progressive Gymnastics Classes for entry level through advanced beginner students ages 5-15 yrs We take students through Progressive Gymnastics Class levels 1 and 2 focusing on use of the equipment with proper techniques that will make learning gymnastics fun and safe. We teach skills and routines on the Olympic events and use trampoline in conjunction …

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